Water Softener Resin Cleaners

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Although water softeners are arguably one of the most used items in any home or business, it’s easy to forget they’re there. However, if your system isn’t taken care of, your water, pipes, and appliances are sure to suffer.

Resin cleaning products are used to keep the engine of the softener - the resin - in top working condition. Iron, manganese, and other foulants in the water, will slowly but surely render softening resin useless - or at least much less efficient. Resin cleaning products are used to periodically strip all foulants from the resin bringing it back to its original state and efficiency.

Types of Resin Cleaners

Water softener resin cleaners come in a variety of forms such as liquid and powder. Each formulation is designed for removing a different combination of foulants. Select a resin cleaner that most closely matches the issues present in your water.

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