Water Filter Housings

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Use water filter housings anywhere you want to use cartridge-based filtration. Filter housings are made in a number of different size formats so be sure to choose a housing that will hold the cartridge you want to use. Inlet/outlet thread sizing differs also - generally you’ll want to choose the thread diameter that matches the plumbing where the system will be installed.

Aquatell only sells quality water filter housings from trusted brands like Pentek. Whether you’re looking to purify the water in a residential, commercial or industrial space, we’ll help you choose the housing that’s right for you.

Worried About Delivery?

To ensure that your product arrives in one piece, our North American-made water filter housings are shipped from a Canadian or U.S. location. If you aren’t happy with the product when it arrives at your door, 110% Money Back Guarantee from you within 30 days!