Autotrol Water Softeners

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Aquatell customers love the popular and affordable Autotrol line of reliable water softeners. Due to its price, reliability and durability, it’s tough to beat the value in the Autotrol-based softener. One thing to note, Autotrol is only referring to the control valve - so it’s important to buy a Autotrol-based system from a company that uses only high quality components for the rest of the softener build. We use 10% cross-linked high quality resin, and made-in-North-American tanks, brine tanks, and components.

Our Delivery Guarantee

When buying an Autotrol water softener from Aquatell you will get free shipping and your order will arrive at your door in perfect condition - otherwise you’re covered by our 30 day 110% Money Back Guarantee! Our secure shipping process is designed to make sure that your quality North American-made Autotrol product arrives in tip top shape.

If you’re looking for additional info on Autotrol products and water softeners in general, ask one of our Certified Water Specialists or try our helpful Learn section! Aquatell’s unbeatable customer service was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.